Earn cash by playing with furry thangs!

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Do you love animals🦄?

Do you wanna play with them and earn cash💰?

Then, rejoice because you can now play with pets, be happy and come home richer.

With the trend of pet owners spending more money than ever, there is an opportunity to hop onto the bandwagon.
Some of the options on the table are, you could opt to walk dogs🐕 after dinner (which keeps you fit as well), be a pet sitter to keep pets well fed and clean while their owners are away, you could offer your home as a pet hotel🏨,

or you could offer a pet taxi service and ferry them kitties and puppies around!

Before you get too excited, in order to succeed as a top notch pet carer, you need to be a 100% genuine pet lover and have a strong understanding of animal care.

To get started with your pet caring career, you can sign up for an account on PetBacker or JomPaw. 

Note from the site: You might be tempted to think that this is a job for hobbyists. We would like to prove you wrong, we know of some hustlers making more than RM10,000 per month for being a pet caregiver full time! There are pet caregivers that have started their own online retail store selling healthy homemade pet snacks, pet toys, and one of our friends even started a vacation resort for dogs with swimming pools!


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